lays out what a woman needs to do today so she won't jeopardize the quality of her life tomorrow.

For the first time in history, women control more than 50% of the private wealth in this Nation. Many think they are sitting pretty.... but in actuality, most are sitting ducks who will let a good portion of their money slip through their fingers.

Whether you are 30, 40, 50, 60 years old or older... are married, divorced, widowed, single, or partnered... have kids, a job, a business, or an inheritance, Sitting Pretty...or Sitting Duck? Financial Self-Defense for Women will show you how to protect your assets from waste, squander and depletion, especially in these tough economic times.Too many women have seen their fortunes destroyed by failing to put measures in place to ward off life's inevitable attacks on their financial resources. Don't be one of them.

Vernai Dantzler Smith is a nationally recognized finance attorney, and CEO of Women, Money & The Law, an advisory firm focusing on protecting the financial assets of women. Having begun her career on Wall Street, Vernai has more than twenty-five years of finance law experience she now would like to share with her readers.


Vernai Dantzler Smith has written a very powerful and much needed book in today's economic atmosphere. No matter what your financial situation and worth this book is the guide for anyone who wants to know how to protect your assets and maintain financial security.

Not only is it timely, it has the aptitude to enable women to examine their financial situation and develop a new understanding about their economic power. As Smith explains: "For the first time in history, women control more than 50% of the private wealth in the United States. As they lay claim to this unprecedented wealth, have they taken all the steps necessary to protect their shares from waste, squander, or depletion?"

Smith, explores the pitfalls and traps (most people not only women) fall into, which can hurt and sometimes devastate us financially. She explains in detail the much needed strategy to make the right moves and not get caught in financial quagmire. Exploring what could become economic disasters, she helps the reader formulate their economic plan dealing with situations from declining 401k balances, stock market turmoil, disability, becoming caregivers, being widowed or divorced, and general asset protection.

Sitting Pretty...or Sitting Duck? Financial Self-Defense for Women as a guide to financial self-defense, not only for women but men also, is a must read.

Michael Solomon
Author of Success By Default - The Depersonalization Of Corporate America